130 Christina St.

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Unlock the potential of this iconic property nestled in the beating heart of Sarnia’s vibrant downtown. Positioned proudly on the corner of Christina St. and Cromwell St., its imposing presence commands attention, boasting unrivalled visibility just steps away from the tranquil St. Clair River.

With 6400 sq ft spread across a single level plus a partial basement, the canvas for transformation is vast. Zoned to soar to dizzying heights of 45 meters (equivalent to 10+ stories), this is a developer’s dream.

Freshly adorned with a brand-new exterior, this property exudes potential and allure. Inside, the space awaits a personal touch, ready to be moulded into a bespoke vision. Configured for three individual units, versatility is woven into its very fabric.

Embrace the chance to leave an indelible mark on Sarnia’s skyline. Seize this extraordinary opportunity for investment and redevelopment, where the only limit is the boundless expanse of the imagination.

Listed for $1,295,000

Aerial View

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Prime Location:
Nestled in the heart of Sarnia’s bustling downtown, with prominent positioning on the corner of Christina St. and Cromwell St., ensuring unparalleled visibility and foot traffic.

Impressive Size:

Boasting 6400 sq ft spread across a single level plus a partial basement, offering ample space for various potential uses.

Development Potential:

Zoned for impressive heights of up to 45 meters, equivalent to over 10 stories, making it a dream opportunity for developers.

Modern Exterior:

Recently renovated with a fresh, brand-new exterior, enhancing curb appeal and setting the stage for further customization.

Versatile Interior:

Configured for three individual units, the space offers flexibility and adaptability to suit diverse business or residential needs.

Blank Canvas:

Waiting for a personal touch, this property presents a blank canvas ready to be transformed into a bespoke vision, limited only by imagination.

Skyline Impact:

Embrace the opportunity to make a lasting mark on Sarnia’s skyline, with the potential for significant investment and redevelopment.

Competitive Price:

Listed at $1,295,000, offering exceptional value for a property with such vast potential and prime location.

The showcased drawing depicts the current layout of the interior space, providing a reference for potential buyers. Notably, the property features walking-height basements throughout its entirety, adding to its appeal and versatility for various uses.

Commercial Property Drawing

Nusens Niche Contracting has extensive experience performing restorations and modifications to commercial buildings including historical. Given their growing list of successful projects completed in Sarnia, we have selected Nusens as the contractor for this project.Ā  Nusens recenly completed the ‘Boat Building’ at 160 George St., Sarnia. Nusens has also performed restoration work at the Sarnia Art Gallery.

160 George St., Sarnia

Art Gallery, Sarnia


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